Tells the server that the listener of a particular stream has changed their location. This is only pertinent to geo-listen enabled projects.

Upon receiving the new location, the server performs two tasks:

  • adjusts the volumes of all nearby speakers based on the newly calculated proximity of the listener to each speaker
  • calculates what audio assets are in range and not already played in the stream. NOTE: if an asset has already been played and a move_listener call is received that is still within range of the asset, it will not be added to nearby_available_recordings. In order to hear the asset again, a move_listener outside of the asset's range must be received prior to receiving a secondary in-range request.

Example Call:



  • session_id
  • latitude
  • longitude


session_id is used to determine which stream to modify.


in combination with longitude, causes stream audio to be updated for the new location


in combination with latitude, causes stream audio to be updated for the new location


JSON response is success boolean

Example Response

{"success": true}