Example Call:


This is typically the first command a Roundware client sends to the Roundware server. It establishes a new session and supplies configuration data to the client.

Parameters (some optional*):

  • project_id
  • device_id*
  • client_type*
  • client_system*
  • language*


id from the database for the project that the client wishes to interact with and for which it is built.


OPTIONAL: Roundware assigns a device_id to each client device in order to track repeat usage. If the client is using Roundware for the first time, no device_id is sent and one is generated and returned by the server and stored by the client. Once a device has a device_id, it sends it to the server as a parameter of get_config.

Stored in rw_session.device_id


OPTIONAL: Examples are iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S4 etc

Stored in rw_session.client_type


OPTIONAL: For example, Android 4.1.2, iPhone OS-7.0.4 etc

Stored in rw_session.client_system


OPTIONAL: For localization purposes, each session is assigned a language. This is sent from the client to the server in the ISO 2-character language code (i.e. 'en', 'fr', 'es' etc).

If no language is sent, default language of 'en' is assumed.

Stored in rw_session.language_id


JSON response is broken into sections for device, session, project, server, speakers and audiotracks. Device and session info is generated in real-time by the server; project, speaker and audiotrack info is pulled directly from the database.

Example Response

        "device": {
            "device_id": "12bf86e6-d84a-4d19-a65a-27860210287f"
        "session": {
            "session_id": 11116
        "project": {
            "audio_format": "mp3",
            "audio_stream_bitrate": "128",
            "demo_stream_enabled": true,
            "demo_stream_message": "This is a test demo stream message!",
            "demo_stream_url": "",
            "files_url": "",
            "files_version": "2",
            "geo_listen_enabled": false,
            "geo_speak_enabled": true,
            "legal_agreement": "By clicking below, you agree that any recording you make using this app can be used for any purpose. Thanks and enjoy!",
            "listen_enabled": true,
            "listen_questions_dynamic": false,
            "max_recording_length": 30,
            "out_of_range_message": "Test out of range message",
            "project_id": 1,
            "project_name": "Test Project",
            "recording_radius": 20,
            "reset_tag_defaults_on_startup": true,
            "sharing_message": "Listen to this recording I made with a #roundware project!",
            "sharing_url": "[id]",
            "speak_enabled": true,
            "speak_questions_dynamic": false
        "server": {
            "version": "2.0"
        "speakers": [
                "activeyn": false,
                "backupuri": "",
                "code": "RW",
                "id": 3,
                "latitude": 47.67298126,
                "longitude": -122.36761475,
                "maxdistance": 1000,
                "maxvolume": 1.0,
                "mindistance": 100,
                "minvolume": 0.0,
                "project_id": 1,
                "uri": ""
                "activeyn": true,
                "backupuri": "",
                "code": "RW2",
                "id": 6,
                "latitude": 38.8902,
                "longitude": -77.036299999999997,
                "maxdistance": 10000,
                "maxvolume": 0.59999999999999998,
                "mindistance": 1000,
                "minvolume": 0.0,
                "project_id": 1,
                "uri": ""
        "audiotracks": [
                "id": 1,
                "maxdeadair": 3000000000.0,
                "maxduration": 180000000000.0,
                "maxfadeintime": 500000000.0,
                "maxfadeouttime": 2000000000.0,
                "maxpanduration": 10000000000.0,
                "maxpanpos": 0.0,
                "maxvolume": 1.0,
                "mindeadair": 1000000000.0,
                "minduration": 180000000000.0,
                "minfadeintime": 100000000.0,
                "minfadeouttime": 100000000.0,
                "minpanduration": 5000000000.0,
                "minpanpos": 0.0,
                "minvolume": 1.0,
                "project_id": 1,
                "repeatrecordings": false