Roundware Admin

Roundware uses the Django Admin with some customizations as the core method for the setup and administration of Roundware projects. We use the django-admin-bootstrapped app to update the feel and flexibility of the admin.

The base Roundware install comes with a test project setup and ready to test the installation and with which to experiment.

This section will explain the basic Admin features and how to create and manage a customized Roundware project to suit your needs. The Admin home screen displays all the available models, but this guide will focus on the primary ones.

Admin Home Screen

Admin Home

Refer to the Setup documentation for more info on the individual fields in each model.

General Admin Tips

Items in BOLD are required fields.


The Admin employs a basic breadcrumb-type navigation system at the top of each screen. Each section is a link that takes you back to the specified previous location within the Admin.

Basic Navigation

List Filters

Many of the Admin list views have filtering capabilities, accessible via a dropdown in the upper right of the view.

List Filters

Localized Strings

Localized strings can be added directly from other model admin screens. Look for the green plus:

Localized String List

Clicking the green plus opens another window where a new localized string can be created and assigned to one of the available languages in the installation.

Localized String Detail

Please use the sidebar links to explore the different Admin screens, starting with project