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DEFINITION: Metadata used to describe assets. Tags are arranged by tag category. For example, the tags within the 'gender' tag category could be 'male' and 'female'. Tags are very flexible and allow for collecting many different types of metadata to be used for filtering the assets at a later time.

A full explanation of tag setup and fields can be found on the Tag Setup page and should be reviewed and understood before these Tag Admin instructions will be useful.

Tag Category Add/Edit

List view:

Tag Category List

Tag Add/Edit

List view:

Tag List

Open individual tag to edit parameters.

Batch Add Tags

Because tags are grouped by tag category, there is a convenient facility for adding multiple tags all within the same tag category. This is accessed via the Batch create tags button on the tag list view.

Select a tag category and then add as many tags as you want for that category all at once by entering their pertinent details.

Batch Tag Detail

Master UI Add/Edit

List view:

Master UI List

Detail view:

Master UI Detail

UI Mapping Add/Edit

Activation, ordering (Index) and Default can be edited in place in the list view:

UI Mapping List

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