DEFINITION: An individual piece of media contributed by a user or administrator. Roundware currently handles audio, photo and text assets and will soon handle video assets as well. Assets are assigned many pieces of metadata, including a project, tags, location, and others.


Parameter Format/Units Definition Notes
Mediatype picklist what type of media? options are: audio, video, photo, text, though video is still under development
Media Display audio player allows for playback of audio only present for assets of mediatype=audio
File binary file actual media file of asset currently this field should not be edited via the admin as it does not function properly
Volume float asset-specific volume attenuation; 1.0 = no attenuation this can be used to compensate if the recording level of an asset is particulary high or low
Audio File Length nanoseconds length of the audio recording Gstreamer uses nanoseconds as units, to Roundware does as well
Description text descriptive info for an asset; can be private or displayed in the client if desired
Loc Description multi-select localized descriptive info
Project picklist every asset is assigned to a Project
Language picklist uses the standard Roundware localization functions audio asset playback in streams is determined by the language setting of the client device with a default of English
Session integer session during which the asset was recorded and uploaded if asset uploaded via the Admin, the session id defaults to -10 (or whatever value is specified in
Created datetime time stamp when the asset record was created
Weight picklist prioritization value to determine order of playback within stream when using 'by_weight' ordering this value is ignored in the standard 'random' ordering scenario
Submitted boolean whether or not the asset is active in the system this is a useful way of keeping assets in the system while not having them used in playback
Tags multi-select tag metadata assignments for asset
Latitude/Longitude float location of asset in the real world
Related Envelope picklist assets are associated with an envelope, allowing for them to be grouped together
Votes inline votes collected from users pertaining to asset typical vote types are 'like', 'flag', or 'rating'