Vagrant Install

A VagrantFile is included for local development and testing with Vagrant and VirtualBox. Usage:

user@local-machine:~ $ git clone
user@local-machine:~ $ cd roundware-server
user@local-machine:~/roundware-server $ vagrant up
user@local-machine:~/roundware-server $ vagrant ssh
(roundware)vagrant@roundware-server:~$ ./


  • The installation process uses the default vagrant user as project owner.
  • The install script relies on the Vagrant default fileshare of host:~/roundware-server to vm:/vagrant for installation and development.
  • There are multiple port forwards from the host to the VM:
    • VM:80->host:8080 for Apache hosting the demo "live" environment available at
    • VM:8888->host:8888 for the runserver development webserver available at
    • VM:8000->host:8000 for Icecast.
  • Initialize the test Roundware stream at: then access it with an audio stream player at:
  • Edit the development environment code on your local machine, then refresh to see the changes reflected in the virtual machine.