The Roundware team is a loose and evolving contingent of like-minded software developers, artists and museum professionals who all believe that there is value in collaborative, location-based, mobile experiences. Specific team members are listed below though the all-inclusive list is longer.

Halsey Burgund

Halsey is a sound artist and technologist living outside Boston and has been developing Roundware to enable his sound installations since 2007. Roundware originated as the technical infrastructure for his sound art installation ROUND, on exhibit at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in mid-2008.

All of Halsey’s installations and musical performances make extensive use of spoken human voice recordings as musical elements, alongside traditional and electronic instruments. He collects these voices from otherwise uninvolved individuals whom he records in various locations, from museums to street corners to rock clubs.

Mike Machenry

Mike is the initial software architect and developer of the Roundware server. In other words, without him, Roundware would be nothing more than an idea. Mike has been involved with Roundware from day 1 and continues to advise on the project.

When he is not working on Roundware, Mike is seldom bored, amusing himself with projects ranging from a bicycle karaoke machine to performing in an improv comedy group.

Brad Erickson

Brad is a developer and Linux system administrator living in San Francisco, CA. Yes, he bikes nearly everywhere. When not enveloped in a LED glow, he enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking, scuba diving, and traveling.

Brad implemented the Roundware server installer to support both development and production servers via Vagrant, thereby making Roundware vastly more accessible to other developers who want to get involved. Additionally, he has improved countless other aspects of the server, and continues to do so!

Joe Zobkiw

Joe is a musician and expert mobile developer. He built pretty much all the iOS clients for Roundware and is an amazing all-around tech guy.

Evan Babb

Evan builds technology for immersive games and experiences.

He is the resident GIS expert on the team and has recently added major upgrades to the GIS features of Roundware.

Evan is based in Oakland, CA.

Jule Slootbeek

Jule started contributing to Roundware in 2012 with a focus on the integration of the Django framework. Jule is a full-time web applications developer and open source junkie. Along with the rest of the team, Jule is also a musician, albeit an amateur.

Illya Moskvin

Illya is a software developer embroiled in the museum sphere. He joined the Roundware team in 2016 through his work at the IMA Lab.

He is currently building a custom admin panel in AngularJS to support Roundware's complex workflows.

Mike Subelsky

Mike Subelsky is a full-stack programmer and web entrepreneur based in Baltimore. He is the co-founder of two software companies, STAQ and OtherInbox (now part of ReturnPath), and other ventures including Ignite Baltimore, the Baltimore Hackathon, and the Baltimore Improv Group.

Early in his career, he served as a U.S. Navy cryptologic officer for seven years in a variety of domestic and overseas assignments.

Mike is primarily working on the all new Roundware web framework as well as client-side mixing.

Rob Knapen

Rob joins the team from a little town in the Netherlands as our Android expert. He got involved in 2010 when he heard about the Ocean Voices project because he is an avid diver. He has since done amazing work creating the Android Roundware client which is at the core of numerous Android Roundware apps.

Zak Burke

Zak Burke builds websites and databases.

His contributions to Roundware have focussed on the web client and web-based management tools.

Gray Bowman

Gray got involved with Roundware through his position at the Indianapolis Museum of Art Labs.

His contributions have focussed on the new RESTful API.

Jim Forrest

Jim is both a musician and visual designer. With a background in creative direction, user-experience design, mobile, e-learning, start-ups, information architecture, online community building, animation, storytelling, fine art and sound design, his work presents new possibilities for the changing experiential landscape online and beyond. He fits right in with the Roundware team, mission and philosophy!

Jim and Halsey worked together on some of the key UX and UI aspects of the Roundware mobile apps and Jim has been an instrumental sounding board for the overall direction of the project as well.

Bryan Wilson

Bryan is a creative coder and exhibit developer living in Seattle, WA. Through his design and technology practice, he brings together concepts, objects, code, media, design in digital and physical spaces to create experiences, tell stories, and connect people. He has recently developed exhibits for Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry and completed a program of Museum Studies at the University of Washington.

He has contributed features and fixed issues for Roundware’s Django-based administration tools, the tagging system, and integration with the streaming audio server.

Ben McAllister

Ben joined the Roundware team in 2011 and helped make the Roundware server more flexible and easier for other developers to use.

He is also an excellent guitarist and has an illustrious and continuing career as a musician.

Raphael Arar

Raphael is an electronic artist of both the aural and visual sort who spends much of his time “battling exponential desires with logarithmic realities”. Raphael has contributed significantly to the Roundware web client.